Stefan Vladimirov - Chief Creative Officer at Swipes

Stefan Vladimirov - Chief Creative Officer at Swipes


I love to create. To bring order and beauty into the ordinary. Whether it’s the interior of the home or the tools we use for work - everything can be made better and more pleasant and functional through design. The balance between function and aesthetics.

I seek that balance in all lines of life and I believe that good design can make a better society.

So what do I do?

I am a designer. One of the three creators of Swipes. I shape products, create brands and I take great pleasure in the process.
As an individual I try improve the world around me. I few years back I became part of Able Mentor. So part of my free time I dedicate to guiding young Bulgarians to understand and apply design.

Bulgaria has many brilliant creative minds. I wanted see how and why they do, what they do. So I started Fill & Stroke - a design collective. Together we are a team that organizes Show & Tell meetups and Design Battles. We want to unite creatives of all fields around the love for what they do and learn from each other. 

I don’t know where all this will take me, but one thing I am certain about. Design can make a better society and I live to see a better Bulgaria.